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Pendragon - what were your experiences with the Personality Traits/Passions?

So, I possess the 4th edition of the Pendragon RPG, which includes the wizard class. I bought it some years ago on an impulse buy and now that I'm messing around with the creation of my own medieval fantasy system, I've been looking for ideas and inspiration on what I consider the weakest mechanical part of a D&D character - Alignment, Personality Traits, Bonds, Ideals and Flaws...etc

Pendragon, given the theme of the game, goes into quite a bit of detail with mechanics for that part of the character design, which is something I'm quite a fan of.

I was wondering if anyone on the forums had the opportunity to experience the Pendragon RPG and whether they managed to use Personality Traits/Passions effectively?
And did you like it? What would you change?

EDIT: Also, if you feel like suggesting another system for me to look at for that particular section of character design, that is good too.
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We use passions (as well as Rune Affinities) in RuneQuest Glorantha, and they display as skill percentages on the character sheet. Typically we would call for a roll if one of those passions are triggered by events in the adventure, and jointly between referee and player decide how those would play out. For example, a Hate (Broo) passion would be triggered upon encountering a broo, and it might result in a charge into the fray without stopping for tactics. It might also be triggered it was discerned someone was talking in some way about the "benefits of chaos," which would most likely end in a brawl.
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