Pathfinder 2E PF2 Remaster PDFs have been sent out! Talk about/ask questions about them here.


Small Ball Archmage
Here's something nice-- the interact action in the book now has an option for one-action 'swap' of an item, previously the only way to do this was to drop whatever you were holding on the ground and pull out something else for an action, switch hitting builds are gonna be pretty happy with that one.

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I've been waiting for these to get into PF. Are they clear for someone learning the system or more as a reference for those already familiar?

Also, has anyone heard when they will be available for general purchase?
They are clear, and quite new player friendly. I actually like them better than the original CRB. I find the formatting of the pages more consistent, the Font usage (which exploded from 30 to 51) better, and the removal of the 'parchment' background makes the text and illustrations 'pop' more.

The Soloist

I never looked at Pathfinder, only read reviews. Now that they have taken the system one step further away from D&D I'm very curious. I'd like to see the character sheet. Can someone post a picture?

(edit: never mind, I found it using my googlefu. Looks clean. Like it.)
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