Phandelver's Redbrand Hideout in Glorious 3D Terrain









That's a LOT of work for a few quick encounters. :) I could understand the miniature terrain better in 3e, 4e or Pathfinder, but 5e really shines with theatre of the mind.

Nice terrain though - very nice, in fact!

It is a lot of work for just a few quick encounters, but I was working on printing my base set of tiles. They will get reused over and over and starting with Redbrand Hideout gave me a really good set to start with. I agree that 5E shines with Theatre of the Mind and for some encounters we do skip the terrain, but we really enjoy the visual aspect of it also.

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Nicely done! I've always wondered on long a 3d printing of a typical 2x2 floor/wall tile would take.

A standard 2x2 field tile (no walls) takes about 50 minutes. Other tiles with walls might take 90-120 minutes each. It is time consuming but it's mostly printer time. The only downside is the sheer amount of time it takes to build a large collection.


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I know this has the potential to vary a lot, but how much does it actually cost to print a tile? Is it worth it to get the printer and start using filament or are you better off buying the pre-made stuff?


Well, I can print tiles for less than 50 cents. You really need to factor in the print time and paint time. Printing your own is significantly cheaper than buying them, but a lot more work is involved. You also have to take into account what works best for you. I used low height walls and my tiles are 2.5" total including the walls. Maybe people prefer Dwarvenforge for the material they use, the weight they have, and the name. I prefer the customization of my solution. If I need another tile I just print it.

I really need to look into 3D printers as I'm curious how many prints you can make before the printer needs an overhaul or needs to be replaced. Thanks for sharing the pictures and answering the questions.


I really don't know how many prints you can get. The Printrbot Simple Metal that I have has pumped out a LOT of prints. The kevlar sleeve that covers the hot end ripped so I bought a new one for it and picked up a new hot end while I was at it. My Printrbot is the older model that had a flimsy micro USB which broke off so I replaced the control board in it. At some point in the near future I will be adding the upgraded x & z axis expanding my print volume from 6"x6"x6" to 10"x6"x10". There is a lot of customization you can do to these and at least with mine, replacement parts are readily available. I also use my printer for pinball mods which I sell so the printer sees a LOT of action.

After a 20+ year absence from D&D (and any tabletop RPG), Mepher invited me to join his campaign.
Eventhough, there is a bit of a learning curve going from 2nd ed to 5th ed, I can't express how much fun it has been to be playing once again.
I was an "Old School" DM who worked with hex paper, plexiglass, and grease pencils and a bit sceptical of 3D models. I was afraid that they would give away too much about what may lay ahead. Yet, to my pleasure, I have come to enjoy the flexibility of the modular 3D pieces.
You may be going down a hall, heading to a door in which you believe it is a nondescript 6x8 room. Until BAM, the DM fills that room with furniture, crates, barrels, chests, doors, bugbears, redbrands and other hidden goodies.
I am a 3D model convert. I love it!

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