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I think the reason for putting Psionics first, out of alphabetical order, is because it's shiny. Psionics is the new thing in PHB3, so putting it first makes sense.

Baseless speculation tells me that we will probably see the Archivist and Templar classes for Divine (a different sort of controller and defender respectively), and the Totemist and Witch for Primal.

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However, Dark Sun, for the love of all that's polyhedral :p do Not DARE add in all the new 4th ed races etc etc, or they'd make it a joke.
Tough luck, githzerai/yanki, drow, dragoborn etc do NOT fit into Dark Sun, the beauty of Dark Sun is that it is *not like most D&D settings*.
Keep it that way or they'd ruin it.

Humans, mul, Athasian half-elves, halflings, elves and dwarves, half-giants and thri-kreen are thr proper PC races for Dark Sun. Live with it.
Except that dragonborn (dray) and githyanki/zerai (gith) already existed in Dark Sun. It wouldn't be a stretch to add in the others.


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The power list is almost certainly a placeholder due to the ordering of the powers. PHB 1 & 2 have the power list in alphabetical order:

Arcane, Divine & Martial

Arcane, Divine & Primal

If the power list on PBH 3 was the final list it would read:

Divine, Primal & Psionic.

Actually, even though the PHB2 cover shown on WotC site lists the sources in alphabetical order, my physical copy of the manual lists primal first.


Psionics and the primal vs. Far Realm conflict both fit extremely well with Eberron, but one thing that hasn't been mentioned is that minotaurs do too. The nation of Droaam - seemingly a personal favourite of creator Keith Baker, given that his latest novel Queen of Stone is set there - is a "nation of monsters", a homeland ruled by three hag sisters as a commonwealth of monster clans and tribes - including minotaurs. Keith also wrote the "Playing Gnolls" article in Dragon, which fits in very well with Droaam.

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