PHB3 cover!


The cover of PHB3 has been revealed (and it looks good!).

It seems that Gith's are in the book (yay! I'm an old gith'lover!), and minotaurs.

'Psionic, Divine and Primal Heroes'


(From the news about the DDI changes discussed elsewhere.)

Looks like a githyanki monk (and a great looking one!). :)

But more divine classes? :erm:

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Wow, more primal and divine. It seems WotC is determined to screw over those of us who want to play necromancers. We've had 2 PHBs, and frankly, we've had more options with the 3.5 CORE RULES. I have no real hope for the psionics, as frankly, the power system has really killed their main schtick, and we had it confirmed that most of the enchantment abilities are going to the psion instead of the wizard, supposedly for class diversity but really so WoTC can sell more books. I don't see more stuff that I want to buy here, and I really don't think I was getting enough value for my money anyway with Insider. A clunky compendium, a character builder (many, many free ones for 3.5) and frankly, the articles are rather...3 pages of fluff, 3 new powers you can supposedly use to flavor your character (which all become obsolete,, as per 4e's power swap), and...19:98 of a 3 month subscription down the drain. No way am I renewing that. And MORE primal and divine seem to be "hey, lets fill out the book so we don't have to introduce more power sources! You have to buy PHB 4 too, suckers!" Worst thing is, I can't find any 3.5 stuff, as the 4e things are everywhere.

At least I got 2e books cheap...


I'm surprised there's no new martial class, since Marital Power 2 would be out next year.

I can see room for an Archivist class. The Archivist was buitl up around being a monster hunter (monster knowledge powers). Something that functions like a ranged Avenger would be rather cool to me.


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More Primal? More Divine? What's left from those two?

New stuff mostly I'd guess. Not sure what design space there is, I guess we'll have to wait and see.. Perhaps there are more than 4 psionic classes and only one or two primal and divine.

Am I the only one who's thought when seeing the minotaur was "What, MORE?"? DDI already has a racial write up on them..

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