PHB3 cover!

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That;s a cool cover. I wonder what they will to do flesh out the Divine and Primal sources? And do we have a confirmed list of Psionic classes yet?

I like what they are doing with DDI and the PHB3. Makes me want to extend my subscription.

I don't see more stuff that I want to buy here, and I really don't think I was getting enough value for my money anyway with Insider. A clunky compendium, a character builder (many, many free ones for 3.5) and frankly, the articles are rather...3 pages of fluff, 3 new powers you can supposedly use to flavor your character (which all become obsolete,, as per 4e's power swap), and...19:98 of a 3 month subscription down the drain. No way am I renewing that.
Huh.... we have wildly different experiences with DDI. I dig the compendium and the character builder is much better than any 3.5 ones I ever used.

Now.... If I could only get a campaign manager and combat manager. :)


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Methinks WotC wants to cash in on selling the DDi material to those who do not have DDi. :)

That, and some of us like to be able to hold the material in our hands... in book format.

Since the ki power source is gone, I wonder if these new primal and divine classes will be asian-themed?
Perhaps we could be getting the Shugenja as a new divine or primal leader?
Didn't the Sohei get 'Divine Whirlwind' or something like that? Perhaps they could be divine controllers focused on weapon attacks and close bursts?
Yamabushi mountain hermits could make for a good primal class. I think some kind of 'Hermit' class in general could make for a good primal class.


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Methinks WotC wants to cash in on selling the DDi material to those who do not have DDi. :)

Methinks you might be right. The Dragon & Dungeon annual is apparently not enough. Seems a shame. Still, there's at least ONE new race in the book (who's name was the subject of much debate: Wilding/Wilder/Wildtastic..).

PH3 is the first book that I'm getting mixed feelings about.. Still, I guess we'll see more over the coming months..


That's an awesome cover. I am surprised about the choice of power sources to support, but must admit that it doesn't matter so much.


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Nice artwork.

Divine has featured in all three Player's Handbooks. I would have thought Martial, Primal, and Psionic as the sources for PH3, perhaps.

I can see room for an Archivist class. The Archivist was buitl up around being a monster hunter (monster knowledge powers). Something that functions like a ranged Avenger would be rather cool to me.

Blizzard are on it: meet the Archivist (if you haven't already).

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