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ZEITGEIST Philosophy and religion resource

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It definitely goes quite far beyond the setting, but in a good way I'd say. Not too much harm in incorporating it into your own games.
  • It's good to see Millerism expanded beyond 'hypocrisy bad'
  • Not sure about the Clergy being Catholicism/buddhism, might be better compared to the Roman pantheon where they scoop up the gods of people they conquer
  • Old Faith might merit a mention of druidism
  • Might be good to mention the Clergy/Old Faith difference on planes, where the Clergy believe each planet is a different plane of existence
  • I appreciate that they caught the Seedism/Old Faith tie.

Yeah, it's not quite how I would have written these up (except for the stuff that was copy-pasted, :p), but I am always happy to see people digging into the belief-side of ZEITGEIST.

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