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5E Pick my race for my next campaign

Seth Shuman

I have been doing multiple polls to determine what my class, subclass and race would be
Winner of the class poll is Ranger
Winner of the subclass poll is Horizon Walker(which actually fits the campaign concept well)
Winner of the Race poll is Tortle
Polling is closed
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Sir Brennen

There's some obvious min/max choices for Ranger (variant human or wood elf), but I say go with Tiefling or Genasi for a built-in character reason to become a Horizon Walker later.


Title? I don't need no stinkin' title.
Gnome dex based paladin order of the owl dual wielding rapiers. I even have the artwork for you, you're welcome. :)

Dual Rapier Gnome With Owl Holy Symbol and Aura.gif


I'm playing a Tabaxi Ranger in Undermountain. Generally, if nothing Ranger-y will address a problem, something Tabaxi-y will. (Claws are an under-rated mobility enabler.) Give the writeup in Volo's a look-over.


I voted Vendalken, even though I'm frustrated you misspelled Vedalken, one of my favourite peoples in the entire game. ;)
Works pretty well with Horizon Walker too, since they're essentially MCU Kree or Star Wars Chiss, and as with Magic, do a lot of Planeswalking (Horizon Walking?).

Benjamin Olson

Since you are a Horizon Walker I'd go with Mark of Passage Dragonmarked human as a lore logical and stat-appropriate choice. The Shandar-Kai or Eladrin elf subraces also fit the bill (the prior also with good Ranger stats). None of this "I can suddenly find any dimensional portal at level 3" crap without having an interdimensional background.


Title? I don't need no stinkin' title.
Tell me more about this "Order of The Owl" paladin subclass!
It started out with someone wanting an image of a gnome with a single rapier that needed a second rapier. So a bit of futzing with paint.net, a request for an owl theme and the rest is history. :)

Well, sort of. Another poster (sadly no longer with us, lowkey13 you are missed) claimed to hate gnomes and paladins. Thus the legend of Sir McStabsalot became kind of a running joke.

I've thought about it, and if I did do this paladin he would probably be oath of the ancients with the wise old owl being the symbol of their order. Just have to let the DM allow me to summon a giant owl (probably using stats of a griffin) when he can cast summon greater steed.
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