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WotBS Pics from my WotBS sessions


My group has been playing through WotBS, the 4e version, and we're having a blast!
I don't have time to post reports of each session, but something my players take pictures of our set ups. So I thought I'd share them here.
You might be able to guess where we are in the campaign!





EDIT: Does anyone know how to limit the size of the image when uploading? These are a little too large I think.


The first set up is the encounter with the ghast outside the Shrine of Anyariel, and the 2nd is the goblin king cave where Khadral is being sacrificed. We are playing the 4e version.


Been playing on and off this year, had a lot of IRL interruptions. But we are almost done with adventure 3. We're having such a blast with this campaign.

Here's some more encounters from when I remember to take pictures.

Sunken Prison:


Mimic Attack!


Skeletons in the cells


Underwater combat vs the biomantic skum

fishy skum.jpg

The party confronts Damius


Combat gets hectic vs Damius



That crap is amazing.

Looking ahead, any encounters you think will be problems to make this way?
Hmmm. I've been looking at adventure 4 and getting some things prepared. I have a snow board ready with trees and most of the miniatures are ready. I think some of the one off environments are tricky, as its not worth making extra pieces for just one encounter, especially if they are optional. Mostly I'm thinking of the sewer entrance, and the wall climbing encounters, but those I'll probably just see what I can do with the pieces I have.

The encounters where the party are escaping the city could be good, but playing with buildings on the table is rarely as good as it sounds, so I might have to come up with a different solution.

I think the encounters out in the open will working really well, though I don't have any idea what to do for the ice river for the remorhaz encounter. Luckily I've still got some time until then.