WotBS Pics from my WotBS sessions

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Took a few weeks break to move house and get the new gaming room all set up. But we had our first session back this past weekend.
The party are investigating the Forbidden Valley when they are attacked by flying monks in a blizzard.


I like how you identify who's flying -- I'll have to see if I have any plastic cups in the house. Are you able to indicate different flight levels?
They are just clear plastic shot glasses, the perfect size for a 1 inch base! We haven't really dealt with different flight levels, but I'd either just stack a couple extra glasses, or put like a d10 or d20 underneath the glass and move it with the mini


The party face down Caela in the depths of Pilus' Laboratory.
This was a super fun encounter and really tested the party for the first time in a while.

Image from iOS(11).jpgImage from iOS(10).jpgImage from iOS(9).jpg


The party have headed to Castle Korstull.

Here the party head down the canyon and are ambushed by undead gnolls.
Image from iOS.jpg20200913_131244.jpg

And after breaching the front gates, the party headed all the way to the back and encountered Gorquith's banquet. With the party druid sneaking in as a mouse to scout it out, everything went bad when the mouse was almost eaten by the ghouls before the party outside could enter.


We took a long break end of last year to celebrate various weddings/birthdays and christmas. But we are back at it.

The Order of Embers have been powering through Castle Korstull in search of the Torch.

The order face down the gnoll cult in the pump room:
Screenshot 2021-01-11 080331.png

Heading up to the second level, the party is caught in a trap and ambushing by a swarm of undead:
Screenshot 2021-01-11 080318.png

Fighting through to the ballroom, the party faces off against Inquisitor Griiat and his undead minions, whilst the bones of Syana watch from above:
Screenshot 2021-01-11 080108.png

Deception unleashes Agression and the dragon's bones turn to fight the party:
Screenshot 2021-01-11 080048.png


I didn't specifically. I put all my halfling/gnomes minis out to resemble the group of halflings for any encounters, but I didnt run them as combatants for any. For the Earnest reveal that was all done with flavour text, and once Agression was released I had a Deception mini ready to place on the battle. You can see it there next to the draon, though its mostly obscured by the condition ring on it.

I think the encounters out in the open will working really well, though I don't have any idea what to do for the ice river for the remorhaz encounter. Luckily I've still got some time until then.
If I had a whole lot of money to waste on frivolous fun, I'd create a battlemap by freezing a literal sheet of ice and then scoring it with a 1-inch grid, then putting remorhaz minis under a heat lamp before I started the encounter.


Couple more sessions done. We had a super sweet aerial battle against Aggression which got very dicey when Aggression killed our Defender in one round with a massive crit. Luckily the party recovered well, and Shalosha came to help out.

After a bit of downtime traveling and resting in Seaquen the party, with Shalosha, have entered Ycengled Phuurst looking for the drow assassins.
Yesterday they came across the Taranesti child who lured them into the Vile Oak trap.


Going strong. I've been a bit slack in posting pics so here's an updated dump for you!
We're progressing through Chapter 7 with good pace.

Here our ranger attempts to intimidate the Shahalestians into abandoning the sacred henge, whilst the rest of the party wait in hiding, in case negotiations go poorly (they did.).
Image from iOS (8).jpgImage from iOS (9).jpgImage from iOS (10).jpg

Afterwards the party is set up by Malhun and his wolves whilst the party are sleeping. Luckily the party set up some alarms so they weren't caught too surprised.

After learning the secrets of how to get to Phorros Irrendra the party make their way through the caves, following their shadows, During this time, due to the close proximity of the shadowfell, our Rogue was whisked away to the Raven Primordial's fortress and given a sacred quest to hunt down the remaining Inquisitors.
As they approach the exit they are engaged by a Glabrezu who stands guard.

We've just met the drow assassins, and now the players have headed to the Grove to find Rhuarc, but are ambushed by the sprits of the dead.


Another few sessions down.

Here the party are ambushed and negotiate with the Drow assassins. The negotiation doesn't go all that smoothly, but the Drow tell the party where to find Rhuarc, and the party eventually leave.

The party investigate the Grove to find Rhuarc but he finds them first. Disturbing the graves of the fallen heroes a number of spirit swarms are awoken to defend the grove, and Rhuarc uses this to his advantage as he joins the fight with his shades.

Eventually Rhuarc is hurt and flees. (It was a tough encounter, but made much easier when Shalosha rolled 3 crits in a single roll!)
Image from iOS (12).jpg

Rhuarc flees to the forge and manages to catch the entire party in the pit trap. Buried and being attacked by Rhuarc and his shades the party attempt to dig their way out and fight back.

The party managed to best Rhuarc though it was a tough (and a bit frustrating) fight for the party.

With Rhuarc dead the party now has possession of the Torch, but after talking to Syana and doing some research in the library they discover that the Torch is not working, and they might need to head to the Temple of Echoed Souls to retrieve Trilla's Soul.

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