Planar Links (in Farspace)


World of Kulan DM
Links to other planes are possible in farspace, just as in wildspace. Farspace may have links to the one of the Elemental Planes or other Inner Planes. A direct link from farspace to one of the elemental planes causes elemental material to spill out into the depths of farspace. Such an elemental portal is very rare. Portals to negative or positive energy-dominant planes can form, as well, and are not as rare as elemental portals (but still rare). A portal to a negative-dominant plane is called a death hole, while a portal to a positive-dominant plane is called an effervescent (see Features of the Plane of the Unseen Infinity).

The Ethereal Plane is coexistent with farspace but rarely does a permanent portal form between this plane and farspace. Ethereal jaunt and etherealness are good ways to temporarily escape a bad situation such as a fouled atmosphere or a deadly monster (as long as that monster can’t follow you).

Note that a farspace aware character doesn’t need to create a link between farspace and wildspace. To them, there isn’t such a thing as crystal shells. Farspace travelers can and do travel anywhere in the universe with this same belief. Some races can even travel to other realities of space unhindered, as their belief is so powerful that it overrides the very nature of the other reality (i.e. the raia).

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