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D&D General Planescape Campaign Setting, original Dark Sun Campaign Setting, and Council of Wyrms now available in POD!


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I'm not sure exactly when this happened (it was definitely sometime in the last two months) but the Planescape Campaign Setting is now available in print-on-demand over at DriveThruRPG! If you're interested in adventuring on the Great Wheel, go check it out, berk!

EDIT: And that's not all! Apparently, the Dark Sun Campaign Setting (the original one) and Campaign Option: Council of Wyrms Setting (the revised one) are also available in print format!

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Looks like Planes of Law, Planes of Conflict, and Planes of Chaos are as well, but only in softcover.

The Guides to the Astral, Ethereal, and Inner Planes are still PDF-only right now.

I think this is a good new, and I guess WotC wants to know what settings we are willing to buy, and also this may be a sign about the legacy settings this year will return.

I have said several time my opinion is Councyl of Wyrms will be a reboot based in Chris Perkins' homebred world "Iomanda". Will we see dragons as monster classes in 5th? I hope more true dragons to be added, for example the ferrous (now within the category of metallic). Dragon shaman as base class? With subclasses for the different dragons.

About the spinewyrms from Dark Sun.... will these be "true dragons" with age categories like in 3.5 Dungeon Magazine?

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