Planescape Planescape Deep Dive WotC video

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Musteval Rarity: Unique Size: Small Number: Maker: Wizkids / Wizards of the Coast Brand: Dungeons & Dragons Icons of the Realms Set: Character Miniatures Date Released: Mar 2024 Date Added: Sep 9, 2023



I like the idea pay attention to narrative potential of the Gatetowns, where the faction war isn't so limited and subtile like in Sigil.

* What if there is a second layer of the Outlands working like a rocky Dyson sphere, with a "planetarium"-shaped city in the middle, with secret portals toward the Radiant Citadel? And the mercanes creating floating islands where install their business premises. And a planar rift orbiting like a comet, giving sun light but not giving too much heat. There are some green zones, but also suspects of activities by defilers among the planar refugees from the Athasian Tablelands.

They don't even mention Plague-Mort the Gatetown to the Abyss, in that video, but I wonder if they still have what is essentially Sweeney Todd's Mrs. Lovett involved with her little shop there.

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