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Pathfinder 1E Plant Shape - Overpowered?

I am playing an Oracle with the Wood mystery, and I'm having some trouble with its Tree Form revelation. As far as I can tell, if I am level 11 or higher, I can turn into a Marilith with the Pod-Spawned template, giving me a slew of resistances and 7-8 attacks per round (per Plant Shape II); at level 13, I could instead opt for an Eremite with the Fungal template, reducing damage a bit in exchange for DR 15 and Regeneration (per Plant Shape III). And since it lasts an hour per level, there's no reason for me to ever leave that shape.

For now (level 12), I'm just playing it safe and staying as an Alraune, but even that seems... kind of overpowered... compared to a martial character of the same level. Not even getting into buffs or other spells, but just sheer number of attacks (although it's mostly the Constricts which seem over the top). At level 13, any sort of DR and Regeneration will put a fighter or barbarian to shame in terms of defense.

Am I missing something? This is our first foray into the polymorph sub-school, so there might be something obvious that got past us.

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SRD on Transmutation/polymoph Transmutation/polymoph spells said:
Polymorph spells cannot be used to assume the form of a creature with a template or an advanced version of a creature.

The GM is of course allowed to allow certain transmutations, but disallowing templates reduces the amount of possible abuses greatly.