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Hi all!
I made an NPC generator (for Version 3.5).

I wanted to create something that would make NPCs that could be used right away without having to add anything.

I did it for my own game, but my players have suggested that others might like to use it.

Its features:
• 14 races
• 17 classes
• 3 templates (Vampire, lich and skeleton) that can be applied
• Re-roll 1s option on stat rolls
• Optional buffs for higher level NPCs
• Everything needed to run a character straight away – stats, skills, equipment, feats, spells.
• Animal companions and familiars

It’s not got any fancy graphics, its designed so you can cut and paste into a text editor.

I don’t want to break the rules by posting a link, but if you search for:

roztov epizy NPCDD

You’ll find it. I like the other NPC generators out there, but I wanted something a bit more full on 😊

Here is a sample output:

This is Hyellia the Vile, the Elf Ranger.
Hyellia is an Elf. She is dressed in fine studded leather armour. She has long ginger hair and green eyes. She has olive coloured skin. She has a scar across her forehead.
She is youthful in appearance, of average height and hefty when compared to others of her race.

Hyellia the Vile has a stutter. Hyellia has callouses on her hands.

Racial Traits (DC 15 Knowledge): Hyellia is a Moon elf. Also called silver elves, moon elves are one of the most common subraces. They live a nomadic lifestyle, and often interacted with other races.

Hidden Traits (DC 20 Spot): Hyellia has an individualist attitude.

Personal History: Hyellia has been a Ranger for eighteen years. Hyellia was once nearly killed by a enchanted demon and this event had a profound effect on her. Hyellia spent several years of her life living in the wilds.


[Name: Hyellia the Vile] [Level: 18 ] [ Class: Ranger 18 ] [ Gender: Female ]

[ Race: Elf ] [ Type: Humanoid (Elf) ] [ Size: Medium ]

[ Alignment: Lawful Evil ] [ Hit Points: 127 ] [ AC: 24 ] [ Flat Footed: 19 ] [ Touch: 15 ] [ Initiative: 5 ] ] (AC Mods: AC = 10+[Dex Bonus: +5][Equip/Buff Bonus: +9])

[Age: 196 years. ] [ Height: 151cms (4 feet and 11 inches). ] [ Weight: 54 kg (118 lbs) ]

[ Base Attack Bonus: 18/13/8/3 ] [ Fortitude: 13 ] [ Reflexes: 16 ] [ Willpower: 8 ]

Immunity to magic sleep effects, and a +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells or effects.

[ Base Melee Attack: 23/18/13/8 ] [ Base Ranged Attack: 23/18/13/8 ]

[Melee Attack: 26/21/16/11 ] [ Damage: 1d8+8 ]
[Ranged Attack: 26/21/16/11 ] [ Damage: 1d8+3 ]

[ STR: 20 (+5) ] [ DEX: 21 (+5) ] [ CON: 14 (+2) ] [ INT: 12 (+1) ] [ WIS: 15 (+2) ] [ CHA: 11 (0) ]

WEAPONS: Warhammer +3, Light Crossbow +3

EQUIPMENT: Studded Leather Armour +4, Gloves of Dexterity +4, Amulet of Natural Armor +1, Ring of Protection +1, Periapt of Wisdom +2, Belt of Giant Strength +4, Potion of Fly, Bag of Holding IV, Slippers of Spider Climbing, Potion of Cure Serious Wounds, Bearskin Cloak, Artisan's tools, Common Lap, Signal Whistle, Trail Rations (1 day), Candle, Bottle of Beer, Jeweled electrum ring, Silver ewer, Fire opal, Moonstone, Golden yellow topaz, Deeds to a Galley worth 30000 gp, 36 gp

ANIMAL COMPANION: Dire ape (Level -6) (Bonus HD +6, Natural Armour +6, Str/Dex Adj +3, Bonus Tricks: 4, Link, share spells, Evasion, Devotion, Multiattack)

SKILLS: Appraise 1, Autohypnosis 1, Balance 5, Bluff 0, Climb 13, Concentration 21, Control Shape 1, Craft 17, Decipher Script 4, Diplomacy 0, Disable Device 1, Disguise 0, Escape Artist 5, Forgery 1, Gather Information 0, Handle Animal 20, Heal 6, Hide 14, Intimidate 0, Jump 15, Knowledge (local) 1, Knowledge (arcana) 2, Knowledge (nature) 19, Knowledge (history) 4, Knowledge (religion) 5, Knowledge (the planes) 1, Knowledge (geography) 11, Knowledge (dungeoneering) 16, Knowledge (nobility and royalty) 1, Listen 12, Move Silently 13, Open Lock 3, Perform 0, Psicraft 1, Profession 15, Ride 15, Search 3, Sense Motive 1, Sleight of Hand 3, Spellcraft 5, Spot 3, Survival 5, Swim 12, Tumble 3, Use Magic Device 0, Use Psionic Device 0, Use Rope 3

A high elf who merely passes within 5 feet of a secret or concealed door is entitled to a Search check to notice it as if she were actively looking for it.

Ranger Spells Per Day: Level 1: 4 / Level 2: 1 / Level 3: 2 / Level 4: 1

Ranger Spells Known:
1- , Resist Energy, Entangle, Detect Snares and Pits, Hide from Animals
2- , Speak with Plants
3- , Neutralize Poison, Plant Growth
4- , Summon Nature's Ally IV

FEATS: Agile, Point Blank Shot, Exotic Weapon Proficiency, Armor Proficiency (Heavy), Point Blank Shot, Point Blank Shot, Favored Enemy (Humanoid (aquatic), Humanoid (aquatic), Humanoid (gnome), Magical beast), Track, Wild Empathy, Combat Style, Endurance, Animal Companion, Improved Combat Style, Woodland Stride, Swift Tracker, Evasion, Combat Style Mastery, Camouflage, Hide in Plain Sight,

RACIAL FEATS: Low-light Vision,

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A ranger is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, and with light armor and shields (except tower shields).
High elves receive the Martial Weapon Proficiency feats for the longsword, rapier, longbow (including composite longbow), and shortbow (including composite shortbow) as bonus feats.

Penalties on Former Classes:

Common , Elven , Draconic

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High stats and not a lot going on in Skills are what I noticed.
18th level, wow, that explains the stats.
You may want to move this to Older Editions to get more 3.5e eyes on it.

I've only played around with this a little, but what I see looks amazing. If you're looking for suggestions, I would say that adding in a couple Prestige Classes (at least the ones in the SRD) would be a great next step.

This is exactly what VTTs should be doing to make gaming better. I loved 3.5e, but I will admit it was a tedious system, especially at high levels. Tools like this are exactly the kind of thing that should make that kind of complex/crunchy RPG more accessible to the masses.


Thanks for the feedback :)

Yes, I may add a few Prestige classes at some point. I just do this as a hobby so its as the mood takes me at the moment.

We are mired in 3.5 at the moment. My group has tried 5th edition a few times, but we've not taken to it really. Besides, I've got a lot of the 3.5 physical books etc


Guide of Modos
I'd like to propose a follow-up feature that might end up being unique to your 3.5 generator: the character sheet editor. After part 1 generates the sheet, part 2 trims the fat so in each section you have no more than 3-4 things that a DM has to read while in an encounter.

E.g. skills: concentration 21, handle animal 20, know nature 19.

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