Play by Post platforms?

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With all the hooha around staying at home, I'm researching online tabletops.

But I'm also considering Play by Post (PbP).

I once participated in a PbP on Slack. It was pretty cool; but then one of the players disappeared, and the GM didn't want to bring another player in; so that game died.

Other suggestions for PbP platforms?

Eyes of Nine

Everything's Fine
There's one called EN World. It's one of the oldest PbP platforms in the world, having been started in 1999 wiht the dedicated forums "Playing the Game" and "Talking the Talk".

Can you set the PbP to be private?



Dedicated website for Play by Post that started in 1998. Allows you to recruit players if you want and then only those you accept can see the game's info. It includes not only threaded posts, but you can also have characters, stories and all sorts of stuff. Been more than a decade since I played or ran anything there, but it was a great place for PbP.


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You cannot set them to be private, but we don't get people barging in - and if they do, moderators are happy to remove the offender.


I've been running PbP here for 3 years. I have no idea if other people are reading my games but I have never had anyone post who's not one of my players. I figure once the game gets going everyone leaves you to it.
I've been reading a few PbP games that caught my fancy, but staying in 'lurker mode'. So you may indeed have an "audience" that you cannot detect.


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@Eyes of Nine I also have a code you can use to set up a private chat. With some changes it can be used to have dicerollers and things like that. It is however unfinished.


And there's Mythweavers. No idea if they can be made private, though. runs PBP Savage Rifts, and a few other Savage Worlds settings. They are also starting a Shadowrun spinoff.
Yes, you can have private games in Myth Weavers. All games in MW are separate from the main forum, so even public games are semi-private. Private games are by invitation only and can only be read by players. Public games can be read by anyone and anyone can apply to join. See MW help for more information on games.
Additionally, MW has a dice roller, character sheets, and content generators.


Rules-lawyering drama queen but not a munchkin
We used to have privacy features on threads, and nobody used them And when I say nobody, I mean in a period of several years, the feature wasn't used even once to my knowledge.
I used them twice, it didn't work too well the first one, and the other one was to hide a guide that I never got around to finish.