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Play Reports from Island at the Axis of the World: Spoilers!


My group has just finished Island at the Axis of the World. We have been having a great time with this campaign and they are eagerly awaiting the next module. One of my favorite moments was reviewing the invasion plan with the infiltrators. One of the PCs, immediately saying, "Right, then something will go terribly wrong and we are not the back up crew anymore." 30 minutes later the undersea cave collapses on the infiltrators and the PC finds his suspicions confirmed.

They saved the Coaltongue from exploding. The tricked their way into the lighthouse and held it against all comers. They were impressed by Asrabey as he broke through. Unfortunately for the party, he killed Ethelyn and got away with Nathan.

If you want to read the details, view my blog at: http://parhoon-naval-yards.blogspot.de/search/label/Island at the Axis of the World

Tonight we are starting the Dying Skyseer.

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