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ZEITGEIST Players adventure into the Dreaming


First Post
Looking at the official adventure summaries for the next few Zeitgeist adventures, it does not look like the main party will return to the Dreaming "officially" for some time to permanently deal with the Colossus. Ranger, would you mind reading my plot synoposis below and telling me will i have any problems with future adventures or if there is anything i can include to mesh it well with what u have coming up.

I've developed a "kingmaker" light mini-campaign (sidequest) where the party is sent as a diplomatic convoy into the dreaming to make peace with the fey for sending a creature of destruction into their land. The Collusus is running a muck in the dreaming but has been contained to a large swath of land the fey designated for Risur during a previous treaty. The land has been corrupted by the leaking witchoil, turning the whole region into tainted witchoil zones where creatures and land become twisted, far realm like entities. The party now must venture into this unclaimed land, cleanse the hexes of witchoil using a skill based system and use the mana trees that sprout when a hex is cleared to wish into existance human and fey structures that add stats to the mass combat subsystem I created (so of the witchoil creatures have amassed armies and taken over fey landmarks (dungeons).

In the mean time, the terrorist Zobav (who got away in my campaign but did not blow up the subway because the PCs tanked the Lorcan Kell game to station all men at the subway) has escaped into the dreaming with the bomb he created. He plans on gaining control of the Collosus and using it and the bomb to destroy the magic that holds together the fey gates and prevent travel betwen the two worlds forever (a contengency plan). Then transport the collosus back into the real world and destroy everything.

Is there anything listed that's going to effect me running the official campaign when they get back? For future side adventues i am going to have them return to the area and wage war versus the dark fey of the land in a similar mini-kingmaker campaign.

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