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ZEITGEIST Adventures in ZEITGEIST setting book now available (formerly an announcement of the Level Up Kickstarter)


This is excellent info. I think having the infomation coming from Tinker is perfect. As Kieran has had an obsession with his older brother after discovering he isnt dead but been working for the obscurati for these many years. He can go through all his notes between the adventures and get some new insight into Planarite.

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Sorry to resurrect an older thread, but how useful is the book to folks who don't plan on using A5E? I'm in a financial position where I have to pick leisure purchases pretty carefully.


You can understand and put into use 99.5% of the content of this book without A5E. It's a setting book, and the vast majority of it is fluff.

And even for the few crunchy parts, like the Bestiary, if you're the GM, you can shave off their A5E bits and use them just fine. The only place where there's any hangup if you wanted to use the few PC-facing powers that are in the book as-written. Those won't make sense to you without A5E. But those occupy approx 0.5% of the wordcount of this book.

Looking at it from the opposite perspective: if you were an A5E fan, and were looking for book that leveraged A5E content, you'd be disappointed.

Heck, I actually made a few mistakes where I didn't adjust something to match the changes between O5E and A5E. Like there's errata on the Queen Bee berserker because berserker rage and barbarian rage work a little different.

I tried my darnedest to make sure you could use the book without needing anything from A5E. Here's page 7 of the book, where a sidebar explains the main things you'd need to look out for.


The one other mechanical change I neglected to mention on this page is the 'Maneuver DC' entry in all the creature stat blocks in chapter 7. In A5E, instead of having both attacker and defender roll Athletics/Acrobatics for stuff like grabbing and shoving, the attacker has a set 'Maneuver DC,' which the defender must roll and beat in order to resist the maneuver.

So if you think, "It sure is gonna be hard to use this book in my normal D&D game," I'll say, "Actually it's gonna be super easy. Barely an inconvenience."

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