Player's Handbook II #13 at


It's not in Amazon's Top 100 book bestsellers overall, but it has been sitting at #1 in the gaming subcategory for weeks now, even when it was still a preorder.

I've noticed this with most "core" D&D releases; Complete Psionic performed the same (it's at #4 now). All of the D&D books in the first 25 spots tend to be the non-setting stuff.


....I love That is where I'm getting my Fiendish Codex I can't beat that $16.98 price.

Admittedly I'm going to be extremely annoyed though as I wait for it to arrive. This is one of those purchases that I wish would get here about a week early.


JoeGKushner said:

Thought that was pretty interesting. Not only in the top 100 list, but on the first page so far.

Wonder if it's just because of the high discount or what?
probably price, but I also see a lot more tech geeks go to than amazon. Amazon has a history of patent silliness. There have been a few 'one-click' boycots of amazon.

Since tech geeks are more likely to be gamers than the general crowd at amazon, that probably explains why the # is so high for PHBII at