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this is a continuation of a change in subject and also something that Mayu's player introduced in another thread, but with a twist. Select six to twelve songs. This is your character's soundtrack, this is something that one would notice on the back of a CD or on someone's myspace playlist. Also, select a picture for the cover for your CD. Have fun!
Rajak: The Resurrection and Death Show


artist credit

1) Burn - Alkaline Trio
2) Requiem for a Jerk - Faultline, Brain Molko, and Francoise Hardy
3) Somewhat Damaged - Nine Inch Nails
4) Tear Away - Drowning Pool
5) Royally F - Mindless Self Indulgence
6) Lecher B - Genitorturers
7) Pefect People - Pennywise
8) A Daisy Chain 4 S - My Time with the Thrill Kill Kult
9) Love Dump - Static X
10) Angels F, Devils Kiss - Jack Off Jill
11) Offend in Every Way - the White Stripes
12) The Sinner in Me - Depeche Mode
13) Thirteen (Danzig Cover) - Johnny Cash
14) F U - Archive

Warning: parent advisory suggested

Project Playlist
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Ooo. I have a playlist for one of my TMP characters - it's about 18 songs long, though. And I don't know how to post pictures. :( (though I do have a pretty one, by an artist I don't know, and I can't remember who sent it to me . . .)Anyway, the songs, at least. . . (trimmed down a bit)

The character is Cassandra. . .(and, since naming the album seems to be the trend, which is fine and fun. . the title would be Cassandra's Tears)
(And thanks, Mayu for help with the picture. I do have a hunch I know who sent me the picture, but I don't know the artist, so, if anyone recognizes it, please, let me know!)


1. Freak Parade (Big and Rich)
2. Sword and Shield (Sister Hazel)
3. Blow my Mind (Big and Rich)
4. Never Saw Blue (Hayley Westenra)
5. Bound in Blood (Waltz Lullaby) (Hungry Lucy)
6. Can I Play with Madness (Iron Maiden)
7. Walking in the Air (Kenny Loggins)
8. Silent Lucidity (Queensryche)
9. Easier to Run (Linkin Park)
10. Never Ending Road (Amhran Duit) (Loreena McKennitt)
11. Darkness (Disturbed)
12. Unwell (Matchbox Twenty)
13. Babylon (Clandestine)
14. Sinkin' Soon (Norah Jones)
15. Mad World (Michael Andrews/ Gary Jules)

YouTube Playlist
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Mayu Amakura

Oh now this is just awesome! Ok, here is Mayu's!


1. Dir En Grey - Agitated Screams of Maggots (The Marrow of A Bone)

2. Motograter - Suffocate (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Soundtrack)

3. Lamb of God - Laid To Rest (Ashes of The wake)

4. Trivium - Tread The Floods (The Crusade)

5. Slipknot - Everything Ends (Iowa)

6. Rob Zombie - Super Beast (Hell Billy)

7. Rammstein - Feuer Frei! (Mutter)

8. Otep - Self-Made (House of Secrets)

9. Nightwish - Planet Hell (Once)

10. Mudvayne - Determined (Lost And Found)

11. Mudvayne - IMN (Lost And Found)

12. Killswitch Engage - As Daylight Dies (As Daylight Dies)

Warning: Parental Guidance Suggested. Most songs include strong language.

*purrs* Gotta love Mayu's music choice. xD
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Since Cain is my only real active character nowadays, I'll make his. Granted, the songs wouldn't seem to fit...But few people have seen Cain angry. ((Also...I reccomend you all listen to #2 atleast once...It amuses me >.>))

1. Soulfly with Corey Taylor-Jumpdaf***up

2. Andrew W.K.-Ready To Die

3. Korn-Dead Bodies Everywhere

4. The Used-Liar Liar

5. Slipknot-Only one

6. Rammstein-Sehnsucht

7. Megaherz- 5 Marz

8. Children of Bodom-Taste of My Scythe

9. Atreyu-Right Side of The Bed

10. Dethklok-Thunderhorse


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Ok, I have one for one of my characters. He used be a VtM character, but I've been playing him in TMP lately since the VTM game I was in died.

This is for Mathias. I'd call the soundtrack of his life, "On My Own Terms."

1. Behind Blue Eyes (The original version by the Who).
2. Turn the Page (Metallica version)
3. Sympathy for the Devil (The Rolling Stones)
4. Devil's Dance Floor (Flogging Molly)
5. Wasted Years (Iron Maiden)
6. Bad Reputation (Joan Jett)
7. Iris (Goo Goo Dolls)
8. Touch of Grey (Greatful Dead)
9. Civil War (Guns n' Roses)
10. Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes)
11. It's My Life (Jon Bon Jovi)
12. Against the Wind (Bob Segar)
13. Red Dirt Road (Brooks and Dunn)
14. Knocking on Heavens Door (Eric Clapton)
15. I Won't Back Down (Tom Petty)
16. Back When (Tim McGraw)
17. Disarm (The Smashing Pumpkins)
18. Freewill (Rush)
19. More Human Than Human (Rob Zombie)
20. Who Wants To Live Forever? (Queen)


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[DeVille's Soundtrack]
Explicit lyrics


Artist Credit

(Songs listed in no particular order)

1. Talk Show Host - Radiohead
2. Uninvited - Alanis Morissette
3. This Night - Black Lab
4. Nemo - Nightwish
5. Stained - Android Lust
6. House of Cards - Zeromancer
7. I'm Only Happy When it Rains - Garbage
8. Something I Can Never Have - Nine Inch Nails
9. Shame - Stabbing Westward
10. The Undertaker - Pucifer
11. Before I'm Dead - Kidney Thieves

YouTube Playlist
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Ah yes. I like this game! Here we go for Imreis!

Broken Glass

1. Tears Drip - Bobaflex
2. Heaven's A Lie - Lacuna Coil
3. Home - LvL (aka Level)
4. Ego Trip - Mushroomhead
5. Code Red - Nonpoint
6. the Dead Girl Epilogue Part 1 - I Am Ghost
7. Another Bag of Bricks - Flogging Molly
8. Summer Overture - The Kronos Quartet
9. Underbelly of the Beast - Danzig
10. Destroy The World - Mushroomhead
Warning: Imreis himself is explictive content!
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Ruthia's little list. I call it Stained Secrets.


The Artist

1. Behind Blue Eyes- Limp Bizkit version
2. Sleep You- Stabbing Westward
3. Stray Child- Hack Sign
4. Summer Overture- The Kronos Quartet
5. Hate Me Today- Blue October
6. Don't Stay- Linkin Park
7. Home- Bobaflex
8. Falling Away From Me- Korn
9. Free- Powerman 500
10. Don't Cha- Pussycat Dolls


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Ivy Sharpthorn -- Slay the World

In honor of one of my earliest chars on ISRP, whom I do want to bring back to torment a whole new generation of ISRPers, I present to you the soundtrack for Ivy Sharpthorn.

1) Kill the Target - Tomoyasu Hotei (Electric Samurai)

2) Dangerous Tonight - Alice Cooper (Classicks)

3) Ace of Spades - Motorhead (Ace of Spades)

4) Reckoning Day - Megadeth (Youthanasia)

5) Breaking the Law - Judas Priest (Living After Midnight)

6) Shot In the Dark - Ozzy Osbourne (The Ultimate Sin)

7) Tonight We Murder - Ministry

8) Stronger Than Hate - Sepultura (Beneath the Remains)

9) Never Gonna Stop - Rob Zombie (The Sinister Urge)

10) Locked and Loaded - Jackyl (Choice Cuts)


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Gwyn's soundtrack shall be called "Surrender to Dream". I think it's fitting.



1. Face Down- Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
2. Stupid Boy- Keith Urban
3. All I Need- Within Temptation
4. Amaranth- Nightwish
5. Bleed (I Must Be Dreaming)- Evanescence
6. Breathe No More- Evanescence
7. Snow White Queen- Evanescence
8. Porcelain Heart- Barlow Girl
9. Never Alone- Barlow Girl
10. Jillian- Within Temptation
11. Pale- Within Temptation
12. Closer- Lacuna Coil
13. Lost Lullaby- Lacuna Coil
14. Concrete Angel- Martina McBride
15. Damn- Leann Rimes
16. Suddenly- Leann Rimes
17. Nymphetimine- Cradle of Filth

In my opinion, this makes for a trippy soundtrack. A mixture of country, rock, and Christian inspirational? Wow. Umm... Yeah, but these songs certainly fit the character as I play her.
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Well I shall do it for Harebrim, my newest of characters but not so good with finding the picture... the Jolly Roger flag would do though the swords would perhaps be more scimatar -esk.

1. I wanna be a pirate too (Jolly Rogers)
2. Free Bird (Lynard Skynard)
3. Hero of the Day (Metallica)
4. Danger Zone (Top Gun soundtrack)
5. When I'm gone (3 Doors Down)
6. The Devil's Son (Jolly Rogers)
7. The Last Watch (Jolly Rogers)
8. Far Away Coast (Drop Kick Murphys)
9. The Road I'm On (3 Doors Down)
10. Shipping up to Boston (Drop Kick Murphys)
11. Captian Kelly's Kitchen (Courtin' in the Kitchen)

Track 8 would be the Title Track, as "Far Away Coast" fits for the name of his list


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Here's the playlist for Evan... artist, tattooist, and man of eclectic tastes. I'd probably title this cd "Just Because."

Take Five - Dave Brubeck
Stray Cat Strut - The Stray Cats
Science Fiction, Double Feature - (from The Rocky Horror Picture Show)
Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon and Garfunkel
Stardust - Artie Shaw
True Colors - Cyndi Lauper
Silent Lucidity - Queensryche
Iris - The Goo Goo Dolls
You Take My Breath Away - Queen
Nothing Else Matters - Metallica
The Lonely Man - Joe Harnell (closing theme for The Incredible Hulk tv series)
Out Here On My Own - Irene Cara

Edited to add, here's the link to the playlist on YouTube. My thanks to Sienna Rose for pulling that together for me!
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Gambling with Love
[Willow Calypso's Soundtrack]


Artist Credit

Corny love songs to ensue

1. Next Time I Fall - Peter Cetera featuring Amy Grant
2. Hard to Say I'm Sorry - Chicago
3. That's What Love is For - Amy Grant
4. Lost in Your Eyes - Debbie Gibson
5. I Would Do Anything for Love - Meatloaf
6. It's All Coming Back to Me Now - Celine Dion
7. After All - Peter Cetera featuring Cher
8. Complicated - Carolyn Dawn Johnson
9. The Rose - Bette Midler
10. I'm Moving On - Rascal Flatt

Youtube Playlist
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Nashira Tremont's soundtrack

Heads Up or Down?

Image can be found here:

1: It Had to be You - Frank Sinatra
2: Now At Last - Feist
3: Time in a Bottle - Jim Croche
4: Gutter Ballet - Savatage
5: Hurt - Johnny Cash
6: Where'd you go? - Fort Minor
7: I'll see you in my Dreams - Giant
8: China Doll - Grateful Dead
9: Determination - David Woodward
10:Lucky - Radiohead
11:Lady Luck - Brian Setzer Orchestra
12:The Wheel - Grateful Dead
13 Bring me to Life - Evanescence
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This be Aurin's Playlist. Enjoy!

1. Killswitch Engage- My Curse
2. Dimmu Borgir- Puritania
3. All That Remains- Six
4. Bloodsimple- Dead Man Walking
5. Darkest Hour- Convalescence
6. Darkest Hour- Tranquil
7. Haste the Day- Breaking My Own Heart
8. Haste the Day- Long Way Down
9. Heaven Shall Burn- Numbing the Pain
10. Nonpoint- Alive and Kicking
11. Nonpoint- The Same
12. Protest the Hero- A Plateful of Our Dead
13. Spineshank- Asthmatic
14. Spineshank- New Disease
15. Arch Enemy- Nemesis
16. SKillet- Whispers in the Dark
17. Naglfar- Perpetual Horrors
18. Machinae Supremacy- Dududub Dududum
19. Machinae Supremacy- Machinaeguns
20. Sighlo- My Cavalry
21. Slipknot- I Am Hated
22. Slipknot- Wait and Bleed

BY THE WAY! If you'd like to make a playable version of your playlist so you can listen whilst you play your character, go to Most of the songs on your playlist will most likely be on there.

Mayu Amakura

You guys ready for a really wack soundtrack? This is a playlist I listen to while playing Nioki.

The Invert


1. Fort Minor - Petrified

2. Lady Sovereign - Random

3. Limp Bizkit - Gimme The Mic

4. Linkin Park Featuring Static X & The Executioners - It's Going Down

5. Motorhead - The Game

6. Outkast - B.O.B.

7. Three 6 Mafia - Sleep

8. A Perfect Circle - Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm of The War Drum

9. CKY - Escape From Hellview

10. Despairs Ray - Dears

11. Disturbed - Liberate

12. Hoobastank - Out of Control

Warning: Explicit Lyrics.


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A listening guide to Phereal. Wonder who remembers him? hmmm

Cutting Corners

1. The Hand That Feeds - Nine Inch Nails
2. Rise Again - Bobaflex
3. Theme To A Fake Revolution - Powerman 5000
4. Lucy - Union Underground
5. Hunt - Run Lola Run


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Gabriella Lind - Dirty n Deviant

Gabriella Lind. Ahh, what can we say about out cute Gabby. Well, I think think the title of her soundtrack says it all.

Gabriella Lind - Dirty and Deviant
Parental Advisory. You have been warned.

1. Man in the Box - Alice in Chains
2. Closer - Nine Inch Nails
3. It's your Duty - Lene Nystrom
4. Master and Servant - Depeche Mode
5. Headstrong - Trapt
6. Pretty When You Cry - Vast
7. Lick - Joi
8. Bring Me to Life - Evanescence
9. Figured You Out - Nickelback
10. Pain - Three Days Grace
11. Rough Sex - Lords of Acid
12. Bodies - Drowning Pool
13. Feuer frei! - Rammstein

Stormy Skies

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Hopelessly Tangled
The life and times of Aussir Darastrix and Lowaar Aesthyr



1) Broken - Seether and Amy Lee
2) Fine Again - Seether
3) Fiddle and the Drum - A Perfect Circle
4) What I've Done - Linkin Park
5) Three Days Grace - Never Too Late
6) Bobaflex - Tears Drip
7) Seether - Fake It
8) Creed - One Last Breath
9) Creed - What if
10) Creed - My Own Prison


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Mm, had this for a long time.. and a long time since I've played, but I like the premise, so.. Jaya's soundtrack, for those who remember him.

Leaning Into The Light

1. Magic - Ben Folds Five
2. A Favor House Atlantic - Coheed & Cambria
3. Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy - Queen
4. Demons - Guster
5. Land of Confusion - Genesis
6. What A Good Boy - Barenaked Ladies
7. Last Dinosaur - The Pillows
8. See Who I Am - Within Temptation
9. Extreme Ways - Moby
10. Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't - Brand New
11. Only in Dreams - Weezer
12. Rainy Day - Guster

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