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Please check my math -- DC chart



I'm making a table of DCs for myself for adjudicating PC actions and for setting Skill DCs. This is intended as an alternate page 42... I want to see if my assumptions are fair/accurate and will create what I want to do. Which is to have a very quick table I can use to grab a value for an action based on the likely chance of success.


My assumptions are to create a table for a 'reasonably competant' character -- not one uber optimized, but one who does it for a living. Starts with an 18 in the skill's stat and is trained in the skill. Always puts their stat gains into the stat.

The big uncertainty for me is what to put in the Misc and Magic columns -- for Misc there could be Racial bonus (+2), Skill Focus (+3), Background Options (+2) or a Higher Stat (due to racial bonus, etc). I am trying to make an assumption that characters may well have one of those, but not likely to have two or three of them to start, and eventually they will get up to Skill Focus (+3) level. However, is this off, should I start at +2 assuming either the Racial Bonus or Background will likely be present at the start? Should I go higher at the top end figuring two of three will be there? What's a good balance?

Similarly, with magic items, is the spread about right?

I guess what I'm trying to get at is a table of values that will give a good average DC for a competantly bult PC to have the 75/50/25% chances of success on an average skill roll. The optimized builds for one skill will still kill, hopefully at the detriment of other skill rolls.

So, yeah, please check my math and assumptions! }:)



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