Level Up (A5E) Plugging O5e subclasses into A5e classes.

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Yes. I have a player playing a Rune Knight on the A5E fighter base and it's running well so far. I've also used a death domain on an A5E cleric along with a Warmage on an A5E wizard with no issues.


We imported characters over from O5e, so I don’t have any characters who AREN’T doing that, with the exception of the Sorcerer, but he’s using a homebrew subclass largely based around the Undead Warlock.


My player is playing a Ranger/Fighter and using the Battle Master subclass. I'm watching this one closely as the combo of manuevers and battle master powers could create some OP combos imo, but generally my player is using them for more social things, like the one that gives a manuever die to persuasion checks.

We used O5E subclasses for the internal playtesting during development because the A5E subclasses got written fairly late in the process. They worked just fine.


Yeah, everybody basically had to. I'm curious, did you use WotC subclasses or 3PP ones? I stuck to third-party.
I stuck with WotC. I have more archetypes from WotC than I do from 3pp products, and with only a couple of exceptions, I actually like the WotC better.

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