Press [Podcast] Order of the D20 - A D&D 5e 'Actual Play' Podcast


Come on and join us for 'Order of the D20', a podcast where four gamers take their dice out of storage and dive into the high fantasy world of Dungeons and Dragons in a RPG 'actual play' podcast. Join Chris, Jay, Marie and Tito on the podcast and become part of the epic stories, comic adventures and botched dice rolls as they explore the original fantasy world of Saltumort! We publish new episodes every Monday and have already published our first dozen episodes, so join us in our latest episode, "Empire of Rot - Adventures in Bard-ering"

I'd love to hear any feedback, either here or through contact information available on the main site. Reviews and referrals to friends would be greatly appreciated if you enjoy it and feel they're warranted! Thanks, and hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it!



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