Poll: Do you have the books already?

Do you have the books yet?

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It'd be nice to have a "Not yet, but I'm going to get them before the release day" versus "Not yet, as I am patiently awaiting the official release date" option.


I haven't got the books now and I'm hoping that my FLGS will be able to supply them on 6 June or 7 June at the latest. As it is, I haven't even got my copy of Keep on the Shadowfell despite the fact that I pre-ordered it about a month ago. :\


Androlphas said:
Got my "preview" copies which will go to the recycle bin once the real ones arrive in the mail.

I bought the preview books too, but I wont be recycling them once the core books come out.


Another "not yet" vote here. I got a bit of a raise with a promotion this year and I'm going to buy from my FLGS because I can finally afford to do so.

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