Poll: WWYD if You had Your Fav Character’s Powers in the Real World?

WWYD if You had Your Fav Character’s Powers in the Real World?

  • Be completely open, and seek out fame!

    Votes: 4 10.5%
  • Don’t hide my abilities, but don’t go out of my way to expose myself either.

    Votes: 5 13.2%
  • Low-key keep my mouth shut until I’m strong enough to defend myself.

    Votes: 11 28.9%
  • Full on Masquerade. I keep my secrets, secret, even after I gain power.

    Votes: 16 42.1%
  • This choice is just for spacing!

    Votes: 2 5.3%
  • My powers, my privilege. I only use my power to help myself.

    Votes: 5 13.2%
  • I’ll use my abilities to help others, but only if it’s safe or I benefit in some way.

    Votes: 5 13.2%
  • Noblesse Oblige. I have power, and I feel I should use it to help, even if it endangers me.

    Votes: 20 52.6%


Scenario: You wake up one morning and you have the starting level abilities of your favourite TTRPG character. This includes relevant biological changes as well, so if your fav character is a Wood Elf Ranger, you wake up as a wood elf. It’s the real world, so most people will remain as they are, but there will be other gamers that also awake with powers. Assume you can find a reasonable substitute for esoteric character options like spellbooks.

Rules: Any system is permitted but it must be the character you enjoyed playing (or thinking about if you haven’t had a chance to play) the most. No choosing the system you think would be most advantageous! (i.e. Mutants & Masterminds because the starting power level is inherently higher than D&D) There are sort of two polls here, how open/secret you would be, and how selfish/helpful you would be. Vote in each one as seems appropriate!

What do you do? Do you proclaim yourself to the world? Make a play for YouTube stardom? Do you hide out? Conceal your powers? Try to grow stronger secretly? What impact does the system you’re a part of play in your choices?

Do you use your powers selfishly or do you try to aid your fellow beings?

Feel free to share what you would wake up as in the comments, and discuss your choice and reasoning below! This is as much or more a discussion than a poll. :)

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I’d probably wake up as a Fairest Oneiromancer of the Autumn Court (Changeling: the Lost, 1e). I’d definitely be keeping things secret, as well, points to X-Men and the mutant registration act, etc. Humans gonna human.

I like to think that I’d help others with my abilities, at least. Harder to say. I can be very risk averse. Access to magical healing right now, though, woof. That’s a big thing.

I don't have a single most enjoyable character, but the one I'd choose is a specialised healer from a heavily homebrewed OD&D of the 1980s. They have a major advantage in secrecy in that they don't need words or gestures to do healing (it's semi-psionic), and they get to cure just about anything at sufficient level. Being able to help my friends who have multiple sclerosis, or spinal injuries, would mean a lot to me.


I don't have a single most enjoyable character, but the one I'd choose is a specialised healer from a heavily homebrewed OD&D of the 1980s. They have a major advantage in secrecy in that they don't need words or gestures to do healing (it's semi-psionic), and they get to cure just about anything at sufficient level. Being able to help my friends who have multiple sclerosis, or spinal injuries, would mean a lot to me.
I’ve had versions of this conversation with friends in person before, and almost all the people who prefer playing healers tend to say the same! One of my friends from Uni (the first time I ever had an actual D&D group to play with) is even a paediatrician now.


Solitary Role Playing
I'd have the power to enter electronic systems, at will, and would redistribute global monetary wealth stealing from the 1%. I'd stay hidden with a modest but comfortable life to avoid suspicion.


I'd skip D&D and go marvel superheroes. I would like to think that I would use my powers for good like Superman, but fear that the man would try and force me to use them for his will, so I may need to hide until I figure it out and can come out and help people.

Remember that heroes show where you save the cheerleader bit. It has a healer that could lay on hands so to speak and cure people. Having this power brings about a lot of other problems about who do you help and who is should you help and people flocking to you for a miracle and such. Would gangsters take you or your family to force you to cure some bad guy or other governments want to cut you up to see what makes you tick. Then there is the problem is you should get paid to cure people or be more like a lawyer and some that cannot pay get pro bono help. There would also be the overwhelming amount of people who need help and if that leads to burnout.

My secret power is to just push vehicles over to middle line when turning to allow me to get by.


The EN World kitten
pinky and the brain world GIF


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
My favorite character of all time is from AD&D 2nd. A campaign we played for many years with marathons every weekend. D'Gatham of Cormyr started as a bard, and using the dual-classing (a human-only option) switched to a cleric. Between years fo play and mahuals that raise level (and wishes to be able to use more than one) he because an epic level cleric as well as a high level bard. He can cure disease, heal wounds, even bring people back from the dead. The bard list was a lot more open back then than in 5e with wizard spells and the like. Oh, and a magically enhanced charisma to be in the mid 20s. All in all a very powerful caster who could do (and did in-game) great good. How could I not use those abilities to help people?


41st lv DM
Well if it auto selected my favorite....
I'd wake up as a 5e 1/2ling Warlock (pact of the chain, fey patron) with a slew of utility powers/spells.
Or possibly my PF1 Summoner version of the character who's virtually same (minus 1 spell) & a whole crap load of skill points - in odd things.

My 1/2lings power & skill sets are all personally useful, & only situationally usefull to a group.
Light (no dark vision), mage hand (1/2ling, everything is on the high shelf:(), expeditious retreat (can always keep up with the party), speak with animals, detect magic, spider climb, featherfall....
These things all greatly aid the character more than others during exploration.

So I guess I'd just go about my life pretty much as normal.
Maybe I could parley the Speak with Animals into making a living as an animal whisperer?
Vacations though could become alot more interesting as I could go rock-climbing, base jumping, sky diving, etc without fear of error. :)

Lord Mhoram

My favorite character is a martial artist, with super Ki powers, but unlike Iron Fist, they are not visible. When I retired the character she was the tactician and combat trainer for our campaign world's JLA or Avengers.

I'd teach martial arts, and enjoy being in tip top shape.

edit - not cheating the system - her logo is my avatar, so honestly favorite character.


Considering that my favourite character is 6'6" and female. I am not sure how I could maintain the masquerade. Elf ranger Wizard (originally statted in Palladium) but subsequently statted in various editions of D&D since third over the years. Currently do not have any disguise spells.
Would be very tempted to go and get the prize for proving to the Sceptics that magic is real. I would also be interested in experimenting with the physics of magic.


Some people seem to have missed the part about starting at level 1. As for me, I don't really have a favorite character. More of a favorite type. (Some healing, some Wizard type spells, a fair number of skills. So probably a Bard.)


Some people seem to have missed the part about starting at level 1. As for me, I don't really have a favorite character. More of a favorite type. (Some healing, some Wizard type spells, a fair number of skills. So probably a Bard.)
Ok, missed that, in that case anyone not human could not really enable the masquerade.


Druid of the Invisible Hand
I spend too much time thinking about this, to the extent it's probably unhealthy.

In D&D 3.PF terms, I am a "human" Gestalt Druid|Witch using the Rogue Genius Guide to the Talented (Druid/Witch) rules-- I am basically a cross between a Synergist Witch and a Visitor Druid, but I'm taking a hit to Druid spellcasting early to start with animal companion, enhanced senses, and alien form. We're pretending I am Chaotic Neutral for legal purposes.

So I'm a little bit psionic and can manifest a very basic mind blade, I can cast 1st level Witch spells spontaneously (I lean on charm person and cure light wounds), and I've got a deinonychus animal companion and a compsognathus familiar, and I have a couple of significant tricks to pick leftover from either class.

At this level, I'm mostly just healing people where I can-- cure wounds is less useful in real life than you'd imagine-- and gaining levels by picking people that deserve to be happened to, and happening to them. By the time I can start pushing this verse past its tippy point, it'll be interesting to see who's cheering me on.


Less confusing and less horrifying, Eldritch Scion (Draconic) Magus | Archeologist Bard. Lots of 3.5 Draconic feats. Since I can't ride the Suicide Express, I'll go Elan... and since I'm already psionic, hey, mind blade feats.



First things first, I am a supervillain. Doesn't matter that I'm trying to make the world a better place for most people, if you look at whom I'm attacking and who rushes to their defense, I'm the guy who loses in the end but gets all the fangirls anyway. Even when I'm not actually hurting anyone... somehow, I'm going to be on the wrong side of the law and all of the renegade, fugitive, illegal vigilantes upholding it.

I am your classic Malign Hypercognition Disorder supergenius supervillain-- I'm not sure I'm enjoying this game anymore-- who has finally realized that I'm not better equipped to properly rule the world than the people I know are doing it wrong... so my goal is to create a world that the unworthy will find ungovernable. I've got an unhealthy interest in eugenics, but I'm actively opposed to... both the real-world reasons it was a villainous pursuit, and the comic book reasons why it's a villainous pursuit.

So... my starting powerset is just a d10 superintelligence, but I've developed techniques for microcloning and viral genetic modification for the duplication of mutant/mutate abilities. Which I would use irresponsibly, for a price, to fund my ability to use it irresponsibly and indiscriminately.

Who does that make me the enemy of? Spider-Man, of course. The X-Men and the Brotherhood. The Weapon X Program. Coincidentally... which superhumans have the most of their biological tissues and genetic coding available on the black market? This... also... puts me on the radar of the Jackal and Mister Sinister.

I'm basically a Weapon X knockoff Spider-Man with sub-omega psionics and a smattering of ridiculous minor powers, like hyperlinguistics.

My name is Doctor Apotheosis, and I run a sketchy off-the-books "adoption" agency.


I didn’t see an option to rule the world.. in fear and terror
That's the problem with ruling the world, "Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown" and all that....

Having to read the Evil Overlord list. I mean where are you going to find a 5 year old these days with time on their hands to review your plans. They are all to busy on TIKTok or summat.


Elder Thing
If I woke up in that situation I'd really only have one choice: I'd crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and hear the lamentations of their [families].


Well, I would either wake up with either one of these three (they are my favourite characters. Which is the specific favourite depends on my mood):

* Having divination-powers and the power to cast spells (the character was a focused practitioner (witch) in Dresden files, specializing in divination). The drawback would be that I would probably not be able to continue with my current job as IT-technician, as the magic in that setting doesn't play nice with sensitive electronics.

* A speedster martial artist in Mutants & Masterminds 2e with near wolverine-level of regen.

* A world-class dexterity and stamina, as well as always knowing the direction to things, and being able to retrace my steps, and being able to find individuals. This was in Scion 2e. The character was a ballerina who was the daughter of Skadi.


Waking up as a Goblin Celestial Warlock would make life challenging. First obstacle to overcome would be not having any clothes designed for my new size. I would have to hide my appearance but having agreed to be good in exchange for power I would have to do what I could to help others. Getting to 2nd level would probably be the hardest because I would need to hide my appearance from everyone. But once I got to 2nd hiding doing that becomes much easier when I'd gain at will disguise self, so I'd be able to appear like a small human, either a child or a person with dwarfism. I'd have to test if it worked on camera or not.
I'd use healing to help the injured and look into fighting crime. Hard to drive a normal car when you are only 3' tall, so hard to get around.
I'd also have figure out how to make money too. Couldn't do my job so would have to look at alternative income. Maybe stealing from the criminals I defeat, living off their ill-gotten gains. I don't know, it would be hard adjusting to such a different life.
It would probably be easier if there were other people wakening as evil people and becoming open villains or a few monsters awakening too. Then it would be easier to come out as a hero, defending the powerless against the powerful. I'd still do it disguised as a human and use a different disguise for every day like.

Knowing the sorts of characters I often play (bards and clerics), I would have some sort of healing ability. Even a simple cure wounds spell has the potential to do such enormous good in the world.

If I end up a dwarf or tiefling (my most frequent choices), though, buying a whole new wardrobe is going to be a pain! Can we say it all magically changed with me?

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