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Hello there. If you’ve been reading these forums for any length of time you’ve probably seen me working my way through Dragon magazine, and now Polyhedron. Having reached the point where they’re putting minigames in the magazines, I’ve decided to slow things down a bit and see if anyone’s actually interested in playing them. If they are, I’ll be running them online on saturday or sunday evenings (UK time, so various shades of afternoon for American readers) via roll20.

Here’s the list of issues with minigames in.

Polyhedron 149: Pulp Heroes
Polyhedron 150: Shadow Chasers
Polyhedron 151: Spelljammer - Shadow of the Spider Moon
Polyhedron 152: Thunderball Rally
Polyhedron 153: Omega World
Polyhedron 154: Mecha Crusade
Polyhedron 155: Genetech
Polyhedron 156: V for Victory
Polyhedron 158: Hijinx
Polyhedron 159: Knights of the Lich-Queen
Polyhedron 160: Iron Lords of Jupiter
Polyhedron 164: Deathnet
Polyhedron 167: Dark Matter - Shades of Grey
Polyhedron 169: Dark Sun - 300 years later

If there’s a specific one you’re particularly interested in playing, let me know here or via PM, and I’ll notify you when I reach it.

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You raise an interesting point. Although that was nearly 16 years ago and the internet infrastructure for this kind of online play wasn't around at the time. I suppose I could refresh my memory of that if enough people to make up a group wanted to play.
Ah...more like 43 years, but I was mostly joking anyway. Still, the game apparently still has its fans (or at least a few people tend to chime in when it gets mentioned) and it's been so long the mini-adventure in the same issue has probably faded into obscurity even for those who played it long ago, so easy prep. Maybe you'll get some people on thread here with a more serious interest in playing.

If nothing else it's worth a page-through just for the Jeff Dee/Bill Willingham artwork, which is still a pleasure to look at. :)

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