Polyhero Rogue Dice


Polyhero, makers of theme-shaped dice, is currently shipping its latest product: Rogue dice.

I got my set today. The pictures below are Polyhero's.

My Gem d20 in Roguish Rouge (not pictured) which was supposed to be transparent is completely opaque, not even translucent. And it has micro-scratches; looks like it was tumbled too much in the manufacturing process. But it is still handsome.

The other dice are very smart, too. The Rope d4 rolls better than pretty much any other d4 I have - and I have a very wide variety of d4 shapes. It rolls enough to be undeniably random but not so much that it goes too far.

The d20 Lock & Pick is ingenious. The d2 Skeleton Key fits the lock as well as the pick, so the lock/pick and key are not just cool dice but also form a great prop for D&D and other RPGs.

Overall, I am glad I got these dice.

The only real downside was the shipping from China which was fraught and frustrating, not just for me but for lots of customers. Polyhero has been highly responsive but still...