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Creating this thread for other miniature enthusiasts to post their stuff so we can inspire each other. I know there are threads focused on the work of specific individuals, and I love that! I was thinking this could be a thread where anyone can post a favourite miniature, recent project, or whatever, and inspire each other. I just love showing my stuff and seeing what other folks have got going on.

I'll start with some sea fauna I painted up last fall, from the Reaper 5.5 collection. I consider myself a painter of mediocre talent but extensive experience, and I think my stuff looks pretty okay. So I figure my work is a solid example of what anyone can get to with practice.

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What do you folks have?
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Nah - he's just the only one getting orf his arf and painting these days, lol. :p
I've been posting progress pics of my project to build a shadowbox for some of my figures.

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