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It's worth mentioning that a Wand of Heal containing a 1st level spell costs 60 gp. It gives a single 1d8+8 Heal per day, or ~13 hp. It can also be used to give all four characters 1d8 each, which is 18 hp.

At 7th level, it wouldn't be impossible for the group to purchase ten of these, for 130 or maybe more* hp healing a day.
*) It would be rare that all four party members requires significant healing at the same time. As soon as one character isn't wounded, the average drops right back to 13 hp per Heal. 13.5 to be exact.

But note that this takes ten rounds to accomplish, so this can only ever be an alternative to out-of-combat Medicine Treat Wounds.

I believe a group that has no primary combat healer is better off spending that kind of money on Potions (which is exactly what these rules are intended to enable :) ) and have one party member go all in on the Medicine skill* and its feats to serve the need for after-combat healing. Which these rules also and not coincidentally makes much faster and easier to use in actual play!
*) Yes, even if you remove Battle Medicine.

A Wand that gets you a 4th level Heal (and its ~50 hp) costs 700 gp, so while you might keep it if you find it, you will likely not buy it (at level 7).
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