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Well, that was fun
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This is just an experiment to see if it works. The idea is to make specific topics quicker and easier to find by simply clicking on the prefix filter at the top of the forum.

It only works if threads all have prefixes though. I'm looking for a volunteer or two to give temporary mod powers to to help go through this form and apply the appropriate prefixes.

(Note that even if we do that, there's no guarantee we'll keep the filter -- but we need to populate it to try it!)

If you have some spare time to edit a crapload of threads and give them the appropriate prefix, let me know!

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I have absolutely no experience in message boards or server management but is there a way you could create a partition where a few people could start some new threads (or work on a few copied over) with the new tags. It might be easier to start over on a small scale rather than modify a whole bunch of old ones.


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I tried it by clicking on the "Enworld" icon next to this post, but it didn't find any others.


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