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Primeval Thule Player's Companion just uploaded into backers' DTRPG libraries


Or at least mine did.

New barbarian path, cleric domains, druid circles, paladin oath, rogue archetype, sorcerer origin, warlock patron options, narratives, spells, feats, bonds and stuff for all the narratives. Looks juicy.

It also states that since Thule has no dragons in the classic D&D sense, the dragon sorcerous origin is due to geniekind instead. Funky.
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After reading through it, it's overall pretty good. The best options in here were the Warlock options and the Slayer barbarian. I thought the Rogue was designed fairly poorly in terms of mechanics. Removing sneak attack for the poison stuff, and then making it so you only learn certain formulas at certain levels, doesn't make much narrative sense, nor seems to be apart of 5E philosophy. Everything else was above par in terms of quality. I love the blade magic features, as well as the new narratives.

I love the slayer barbarian and Circle of the Fang druid, but I worry they might be a bit overpowered. Convince me otherwise, please. :eek:

Fang Druid is actually very, very weak until they get their wild shape. Their wild shape is only a little bit better than Circle of the Moon. It's a good trade off.

Barbarian is on the strong side. It is better than Berserker IMO, but still not better than Totem Warrior. They are on the same plane. Totem Warrior's BEar Totem is pretty crazy, and the Slayer's level 14 ability is cool but not broken in anyway.

Greg Benage

I love the slayer barbarian and Circle of the Fang druid, but I worry they might be a bit overpowered. Convince me otherwise, please. :eek:
The 6th level slayer ability is the only one I raise an eyebrow at. It probably shouldn't work on any and every "effect," and it should only apply when raging (IMO). It's so Conan-y, though, I'd be inclined to roll with it.

The Circle of the Fang druid is more balanced than Circle of the Moon. ;)

I think because this was written with the old OGL and not the new one that the 6th level ability has faulty wording. I think, if rewritten, it could be a lot better. Particulary, having something last an entire encounter is not a 5E mechanic. It should have been 1 minute.


I love the slayer barbarian and Circle of the Fang druid, but I worry they might be a bit overpowered. Convince me otherwise, please. :eek:
I truly wish it would be feasible for you to join my table and play one; it would be the best way to find out one way or the other.


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About the Character Options. At our table we liked most of them, with some exceptions:

- Circle of the Fang is very weak. Only at very high levels it gets interesting (levels where we usually start a new group),
while the elemental option of the Moon-Druid is MUCH stronger. The idea to make it possible for transformed druids to speak
is a very GOOD idea though (we had this effect that our groups Moon Druid was walking silent as Elemental for 2h game time
as it was his "last transform" and the group had no rest possibility, so he just stayed in transformation to be able to
tank in upcoming encounters... Circle of the Fang COULD fix such issues).
- The players at our table generally expressed an extreme DISLIKE of the Mark-Spells. Quote "Basically this is a Spell Slot
Tax, requiring me to cast it on all other melee characters every time, does not make me stronger, makes me have less spell
slots to make the other guy stronger". IMHO would be better as a selfbuff. Also they are I think too strong. Maybe make them
situative in a way they only keep passive for 10 minutes, not 24h? The lowlevel ones might need raising their level, as well...
Hmm, maybe making them Concentration could be a solution, also ?

Especially the new spells were VERY VERY liked (BTW: One of our GMs always had an issue with the spell Shield from PHB due to
making certain characters too invulnerable - he very very liked the Backbiter Shield opposed to that). The Seeking Serpent
and that Ice Fist thing also were extremely well liked. Especially in lower levels the Seeking Serpent helps the (in this area
low) Dmg of the Wizard quite some.

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