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ZEITGEIST Printing Error in PDF for Act II, Schism: Missing Player Handout Train Schedule for Pathfinder


I am in the middle óf running adventure 7, Schism. In Act One, Needle in a Factory, the description references "But on the table next to him he has left a folded sheet of paper (Player Handout—Train Schedules)." This handout is missing in the following versions:

  • ZGA2-Pathfinder_POD.pdf
  • ZGA2-The_Grand_Design-PF-ONS
If you look in the single adventure PDF version, ZEITGEIST_7_Schism_(PATHFINDER_RPG).pdf, you'll find the missing train schedule after the Letter from Grappa on page 75 of the appendix. In the other two versions, the Letter from Grappa is followed by the Obscurati covers.

I hope this has not been covered elsewhere in the forums. I was not able to find it.

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Thank you for sharing this. It's infeasible now for us to update the PDF for just this issue, but I hope if anyone else has trouble finding it, a search will turn up your post.