Problems With Composing Posts


Is any one else having major headaches trying to compose posts? Like highlighting text, going back to change things, and italicising things are all causing me lag and problems. I am getting by but it is a major pain. Not dissimilar to the problems I have on YouTube though I suppose. Using Opera in any case.

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Have you tried using a plain text editor.

(I am faintly aware some users manage to use a Word-like editor, but I've always used the basic default editor and never had any issues)

You can even click the little gears symbol and switch off the WYSIWYG view, instead having complete control over any BBCODE tags used.

That way, you're close to a bare-bones text editor (like Notepad). Those always work best in my experience.


Victoria Rules
When I'm composing a post using the standard editor at the bottom of each forum page, anytime I select a bit of text to bold or italicize my selection gets auto-applied to most or all of the text below what I just selected. For example, I typed the lines below and then selected just the words "Test 1."; on clicking the 'bold' icon all the test-2 to test-5 lines bolded as well. I unbolded the test-4 line and onwards and then tried italicizing just the words "Test 4.", which also italicized the test-5 line.

I don't think it's supposed to do it? EDIT: using Firefox on a desktop, if it matters.


Test 1. Test 1 again. Garbage in. Garbage out comes later.

Test 2. Another test because if form holds I failed the first one.

Test 3. This is where the garbage comes out.

Test 4. This is part 2 of the original test above, to try something a bit different, but it needs a longer block of text to make it obvious what's going on.

Test 5. A carryover from test 4.


Final Form (she/they)
It's not just bold tags either. It also does it with hyperlinks.

And because there is no way to mass remove hyperlinks (except for the remove all formatting button, which isn't always ideal given all the other issues formatting can cause) I have to manually remove the link from every following paragraph.

Including the blank spaces between paragraphs.


My best suggestion is to click the cogwheel, switching from WYSIWYG editor to raw text (with BBCODE tags).

There you will see the extraneous tags on the bottom that make the editor seize up, easy to remove.

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