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Hi folks,

Over the pandemic one thing I've been doing to cope with the boredom is designing a rules light storytelling game. I've gotten some good feedback already but in order to make this game the best it can be, I could really use your help. So if Lineage sounds up your ally, please give it a try and let me know what you think. The playtest packet is a free PDF.

In Lineage, up to six players act as historians uncovering the complicated and messy lives of the royal family of a fictional world. I think this game will appeal to anyone interested in political stories, world building, and collaborative storytelling. It's inspired by the games of Vincent Baker, Joshua A.C. Newman and Tim Hutchings and the political stories of Tolkien and Terry Pratchett.

It plays similarly to Microscope or Fiasco, which is to say mechanically light with a focus on story. You document your game on a family tree, an artifact of your shared play session, which ends up looking like the kinds of diagrams one finds in the appendices of thick fantasy novels. I also envision this as a handy world building tool for folks to use in preparation for other games/stories. I'm hugely excited to share this with you all. It feels like the first game I've written that could one day be a real product. I've posted it as a free PDF over at Itch. Also, It's got some lovely public domain art. I'd also love to hear what you think. It's a work in progress and any feedback would be hugely helpful. Currently, I feel like I have played the platonic ideal version of this game and I'm trying to figure out if the rules text effectively communicates that game to you, the player. So I'm keen to hear if there are parts of this draft of the rules that are confusing or make the game difficult to play. I consider the art and layout very proof of concept. So I'm not particularly looking for feedback on the aesthetics.

Download link: Here
Feedback survey (5 min) : Here

Thanks very much!

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