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PROJECT DEIOS has launched on KS - Editor for battle maps, cities, regions worlds and more


Hello fellow map makers!

We have just launched our new Kickstarter campaign "PROJECT DEIOS".

We are blown away by the great start (funded within 10 hours) and can't wait to see what stretch-goals will be unlocked!


What is project DEIOS?

With PROJECT DEIOS, you can design awesome battlemaps, stunning city maps and spectacular world maps for your RPG adventures. The finished DEIOS Suite will offer an interconnected experience for boundless map-making. At its core, DEIOS is created to support Game Masters and storytellers on their creative journey, and to make map-making easy, intuitive and practically useful. But we’ve realized that we’re not alone on this quest. World Anvil, The GreatGM and Caeora also aim to transform map-making, storytelling and worldbuilding into an extraordinary experience for you. So we’ve teamed up!

PROJECT DEIOS is our shared vision - ONE system that can support ALL your map-making and storytelling needs.


You want to know more about DEIOS? Ask right away - I will do my best to answer your questions