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Promoting our group forum to a main forum?


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Hi all,

We over in the Living 4th Edition project have just gone live for character and adventure submissions, as I've posted here:


In addition, we've got 800 posts in our forum (not counting a large thread copied over from when we branched out of Talking the Talk).

In light of all that, can we be promoted to Gaming Action - Living Worlds forum on the main forum page?

Thanks! And we hope you'll come join us!

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For the record the L4W forum currently appears to be in Personal/Hosted but it doesn't actually seem to be there (in the sense that there is no link to be clicked on).

We'd like it if it were in the Living Worlds forum.
Since that only has 3 links right now (vs the 2 dozen plus in Personal) it would probably make sense just in terms of finding things.

Or if there were, at least, some sort of link from Living Worlds to the L4W forum.

Some way for someone to navigate there beyond having a bookmark, or following a recruiting post.


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And another please, with optional cherry on top. :D

Currently there are 16 submitted characters after only a few days of being open for submissions, and only 1 charcter is permitted per player so there's certainly enough interest in my book. And once it appears alongside the other living world I think that interest will increase exponentially.

Come on, you know you want to.


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No response is.... not a good sign.
(Perhaps not posting for a while is a better move? The mods have definitely seen the request so...)

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