4E Proposal: Allow Deimos to change the expertise feat for his staff.

Walking Dad

I somehow typed 'Implement Expertise (staff)' instead of 'Staff Expertise' out of habit on my characters (Deimos Vargo) wiki sheet.

May I change this?

Taking the old feat makes no sense (the new one in superior in any regard) and both where available at character creation (the Mage class is from the same book as the Staff Expertise feat).


Since the PC was approved and played, the player has to wait until he goes up a level. This limitation applies to all players and PCs for all changes, not just this one.

The one exception to this should be if the feat, item, or power that the player is using is nerfed (or even just modified) by WotC, then the player should be allowed to ask his DM if he can swap it out. Since both feats were available at character creation and the one on the character sheet was not changed, then I think the player should wait until he can retrain.

If the PC had not been played and was already approved by two judges, then I would say that if the two judges were ok with it (which I think they should be since the PC was not yet played), then go make the change.

Normally, I wouldn't care and I would allow one of my players to do this. Here at LEB, though, I don't want us to set a precedence. Once one player is allowed to change his PC mid-level for whatever reason, another player is going to want to do it.

I vote NO.


I would actually suggest that this case is unique enough that it would be worth it; clearly this was more of a typo than a character change, and giving leeway here seems unlikely to set a dangerous precedent. It's not like he was trying to change the character: he wrote the wrong thing. Given the pace of new materials being released, this seems an easy mistake to make.

I would have no problem with it. If WD has withdrawn his proposal, however, we can just move on.