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D&D Proposal: Fighter Archetype - Swordlord


Resurrecting this thread from before the Great Loss of 2016. I proposed this a while back, I've played this archetype IRL and it is a blast, think of it as a westernized samurai. I think that flavor-wise it fits with the world's renaissance-esque time period, which is when dueling took an an extreme popularity. I scoured d20pfsrd and found that all of the content they post is usable under OGL. Now for the links. Here is the swordlord archetype, dueling sword, and one feat that just makes sense.

Judge Ping: @Aura @FrancisJohn @GlassEye @perrinmiller @Mowgli @KahlessNestor

My vote is probably obvious here. I also like the judge ping, so I'm borrowing it! Thanks FJ!


I'm at a loss to say what this archetype accomplishes. I see some of the same mechanics in things like single hand fighter, and I'm not feeling much reason to approve this. Unless there is something I'm missing, we have both the mechanics and the look/feel in the game already, so I'll vote no unless something changes.


I would agree with Aura, there is nothing in there that can't be achieved with the normal fighter class with the exception of some benefit to not using a shield.

That could be rectified with a feat or fighting style to boost AC or damage with a one handed weapon and a few hand, rather than a whole new class.

I don't think the archetype is unbalanced or bad, I just don't think out adds anything to the game.

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