(Proposal) Level Adjustment buy off


As is apparent, I’m proposing adding Level Adjustment buy off: full details of it can be found here.

Pro: Lets LA Positive Races keep up better with LA neutral races in the long run, for an EXP cost.
Con: Makes LA Positive races potentially more powerful then LA neutral races.


As orsal commented elsewhere, it hasn't yet come up, and he has the only LA+1 PC around, and he's still just 1st level.

However, it could come up at any moment, if a 6th level PC were to take the Leadership feat and desire a cohort with LA.

I'm not really an expert on the ins and outs of level adjustment, but I think the general consensus is that all races with LA are relatively weak for their designated LA, and that by the time LA can be bought off, the racial abilities are less important than class abilities.

As such, I think we should allow LA buyoff.


Ja, and considering a LA neutral character could just spend that much xp on an item (or so) that has no space limitation to gain the same or better bonuses.