Published scenarios with some backstabbing & shenanigans


I'm looking for suggestions for published scenarios of any genre that have the following that I can mine for ideas for a scenario of my own:

a) an expedition to somewhere, that's possibly abandoned, though that aspect is possibly less important than b&c
b) factions within the expedition one of whom is up to no good
c) suggestions for events or a timeline where suspicions are raised, fingers pointed etc

The scenario is fantasy, with some very low level tech. But anything that's scifi, horror or pulp probably has a lot of the elements I'm looking for.

I had some useful suggestions on another forum including The Palace of Unquiet Repose for OSR, Salvatoris (Hostile/ Cepheus Engine) and a scenario in Challenge 66. But I'm sure there must be more out there. I'd be suprised if there isn't a Cthulhu scenario that has someone up to no good on an expedition.

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