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WOIN question about errata


First Post
2 questions

1.Charge used to be -2d6 to attack +1d6 to damage

Leaping attack has the prerequisite of charge and was an upgrade
it gave you +1d6 damage and no penalty

Now that charge has been buffed is there a buff given to leaping attack

if I had 2 magicians
1 had given himself 10 soak (fire)
and another cast a spell at him that did 3d6 damage of fire /air
The spell was costed at 8MP
2 MP for range
2 MP for fire damage
4 MP for air damage
Would the Fire damage be soaked or would it be bypassed because it isn't fire/air soak

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
To SOAK damage you have to have resistance to all listed damage types. So 3d6 fire/air damage is not SOAKed by fire SOAK alone.

Leaping attack can be done *as well as* charge, so you'd get both +1d6 damages. There's nothing that says it has to be done instead of. It's designed to work best at the end of a charge.

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