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Brown Jenkin

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The 3.5 SRD does a better job of explaining what can be a Magic Potion or Oil but I was confused as to why two possible elixers were not included. The rule as I understand it is that it has to be a spell of 3rd level or lower and have a range of Touch. If it effects a person it is a Potion and it it effects an object it is an oil. Both of these spells have a range of Touch. Is there a good reason as to why oils of these should not be included? Is it just the SRD being incomplete or is there something else?

Magic Aura: I can see uses on the surpression side where someone needs to sneak a magic item past some guards or just to prevent someone from wanting to steal something. It could also be used to make "Fake" magic items to sell. I see no reason why having this in "Potion" form would be more unbalancing than its spell form.

Arcane Lock: Less usefull than the spell since the user couldn't open the lock later, but why not have a version that could be used by a Rogue sneaking in and "locking" the guards in their baracks. If you don't need to get through later this is great for keeping something in or out which you don't care about releasing later.

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