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WOIN Question about Magic, specifically target area


Eternally Eternal
Hello again! First off I want to say thank you to all the people on here. You have been a lot of help learning the system and I very much appreciate it.

So i have a question about target areas for spells. Can you have a spell, say a shield spell, with an area of ten cast on a person or does it have to be a space? And if it is cast on the person does it follow them around?

One of my players wants to make a spell to cast on his animal companion. Essentially its an abjuration spell to give it and everything around it within ten feet SOAK vs Heat damage. If he cast the spell on the animal companion would it follow the wolf around? Also he has the spell set for concentration, but i did not see anything saying that a concentration spell has to stay within a certain distance or anything like that.

Thanks in advance!

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Just a tourist passing your way...
Hi there,

In short... you may allow an area being tied to your spell target.
You don't get any restrictions regarding distance and concentration.

Magic in WOIN is very... flexible and depends heavily on gm and player.
If you want flavourfull spells sometimes you have to drop some parts of the effect the construction set would allow; to get an 5 - Target - chain lightning you can use an area, if the area contains more than 5 targets it gets weird.
One of the premade spells (btw don't use them, they are calculated with 1.1 rules) adds a fire shield via create fire (area) that travels with the target and only damages enemies attacking the target in melee; again, you pay an area but don't use it everytime the construction set would allow.
As my players like flavorful spells they take it without hesitating; you should talk to your players how they think about flavour vs the feeling to get less than paid.

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