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ZEITGEIST Question about the ending of adventure 6

So my players and me are about to finish adventure 6 and I realized that Tinker Oddcog is subject to the obscurati geas. I was wondering how is it that he can talk so openly about the colossus, considering that information is very secret and the conspiracy obviously wouldn't want anyone knowing it. Did something happen to his geas? I'm wondering because I know my players are going to ask and I don't how the reason.

Edit: Thank you all for your answers :) We'll play this Saturday and now I know what to tell my players if they look into it. Really excited to start Schism too.

Edit: they allied with Pemberton. I don't even know what to say.
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Ha, good point. I don't think I considered that. Or if I had an answer, I've forgotten it.

Hmm. So, the geas forbids him from revealing Ob secrets, but Tinker's hyper-intelligent and rather unhinged, so he could maybe rules-lawyer his brain into believing, "Obviously anyone who saw the colossus and who has an advanced mastery of arcanotechnological engineering would be able to understand how it works. I struggle to believe they're so stupid to not know these things already, so I'm really not revealing any secrets."


Found this quote from Book 5,

Tinker is hiding amid the savage tribes of Ber, and has several
monstrous defenders, but if the party finds him, the insane gnome
has slipped free of his geas and can provide a trove of information
about the Obscurati

'How he escaped the geas' obviously raises further questions, but I think it was canon while writing that he doesn't have the geas in Book 6.


Tinker can be read as more than half-mad, and the capabilities of the Godmind Urn (and what exactly it is) are never stated in much details. It's possible that mental magic is less efficient against him. It's possible he forgot about his geas (and his mind is sufficiently different/mad now to not care). It's possible that in his interpretation the geas is very different from what Kasvarina expected, and the party will never learn from him that Leone Quital wears striped socks.

Andrew Moreton

Yep I would blame the Godmind Urn it is driving him to both madness and divinity , beyond a Geas spell ability to control. He probably still can't talk about the Ob's plans and organisation(He probably does not know or care about them anyway) but about his wonderul creations nothing can shut him up,.

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