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D&D 5E Question about the Nightstone in Storm King's Thunder


Hi all. I am using parts of Storm King's Thunder in my ongoing campaign. In the beginning, the Nightstone is taken in the city of the same name by cloud giants. Does it ever show back up in the adventure? I haven't found it, and while I haven't read the entire AP because of a busy schedule, I've read most of it. Did I just miss it? Thanks for any help.

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Nope. Its whereabouts are left for the DM to determine.

EDIT: Now that I've had a chance to consult my book, the only other mention of it is in the "Creating New Giant Lords" sidebar on page 12.
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Someone asked Chris Perkins, and he said that it was intentionally left as a hanging plot thread for the DM to use if (s)he wished. So I guess that if your players go mad with curiosity over it, you can device some way of bringing it back.

Perhaps the Cloud Giant Castle over Waterdeep did the deed, and your players can see it during that meeting; this lets them weigh up the ramifications of starting an argument with the Cloud Giants ("You attacked a village!") when doing so might provoke a fight that could be avoided. Players tend to like these big decisions that let them argue for an hour, during which time you as the DM can relax and read a book :)