WOIN [Question] Elements of Magic: Hedging?


Another Drekin question!

Hedging. Cost 1 MP.
You must declare a creature type (fey, goblinoid, beast, etc.) or virtue (such as Good or Evil). Creatures with the declared type or virtue who try to enter the area of effect or try to target Mental Defense of creatures within the area are subject to a MAG vs. Mental Defense attack; if it succeeds, the hedged creature cannot enter the protected area for one minute. Every minute it can make one attempt; if the creature fails, it is stuck outside for at least the next minute. This effect prevents the creature from making melee attacks into the area, but it can still use ranged attacks and spells which don’t target Mental Defense.
All Hedging. Cost 2 MP.
As Hedging, but it applies to all creatures. This uses abjure self.
Enduring Hedging. Cost 3 MP.
You can only use this option in combination with Hedging or Hedging, All. Affected creatures only get one chance every day to enter the area, rather than once per minute. Of course, if the duration is less than a day, this benefit is slightly reduced.
Greater Hedging. Cost 2 MP.
You can only use this option in combination with Hedging or Hedging, All. None of the hedged creature’s attacks, spells, or abilities can cross into the area of effect.

If you combine All Hedging, Enduring Hedging and Greater Hedging, then you have an Impenetrable Bubble? Assuming you pass the check against the enemies just once, then how are they supposed to counter this?

Please advise

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It pretty much is an impenetrable bubble. My wizard character has used that combo to save her and her parties butts a couple times. It's a heck of a gamble. Works great if they the enemy fails the check. If they make the check, you just wasted a bunch of MP for no effect on that creature.

They can counter it with dispel magic, if they're magicy and have appropriate resources.

That said, that's a hefty spell. You're at 7 MP and NO duration or area yet. So, you wanna burst use that much of your limited resources, on a one roll gamble, it kinda should be difficult for an opponent to deal with.


Well, that was fun
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Yep. It's a powerful effect, but it's not cheap to cast, especially once you've added in enough MP to cover your party for five minutes.

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