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WOIN [Question] Exploits and actions?


Another Drekin question :D

Since you answered my last question, the flood gates opened... don't stop now!

While some exploits clearly state what type of action they cost or strongly hit at being used with an attack or move, there are some more ambivalent.
Like this:
Jury-rig (requires LOG 6+; engineering skill).
You modify a weapon (yours or an adjacent ally’s) to either increase its range by 50% or its damage by +1d6 until the start of your next turn.
Reckless act.
You gain +1d6 to ranged attacks as long as you are not concealed, in cover, or using a shield. If you use Dodge, or any other exploit which protects you, you lose this bonus for one minute.
Reinforce shield (requires LOG 6+; computer operation skill).
Until the start of your next turn, one shield (forward, aft, port, or starboard). becomes reinforced. It gains +2 SOAK.

Do they cost any type of action to use? Or are they considered free?
Is it the same for other similarly worded exploits?

Thanks in advance

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
Usually it should be clear from the context, but I appreciate that it might not always be! Of those three:

Jury-rig requires an action

Reckless act is just a modifier to another action you might take

Reinforce shield requires an action

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