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Just a thought I had that I want to ask a question on, as I do not know if it has been answered in Sage Advice. Assume a party of 4 wizards fighting a party of 4 wizards. One starts to cast a spell, and another chooses to counter spell. Can the counter spell be counter spelled, before it counter spells the first spell?

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Yes, a likely result of this counter-counter-encounter is that the spell will be countered, and the counter will be countered, and that counter will be countered, and so and and so forth until nine spell slots have been spent on eight counter spells and the original spell, which goes through as intended.


Rules Monkey
It does get a bit ridiculous with multiple casters.
Best solution? Make sure you are standing more than 60' away when you cast a spell :)

Or are a sorcerer with Subtle spell. They can't counter it if you use that metamagic. Or be invisible or otherwise unseen by them - you have to see the caster in order to counter their spell.


Good to know, in case I ever have such a party, or at least more than one caster on each side.

A quick note: you don't need more than one caster on each side for this to happen.

Caster 1: Cast fireball (uses his action)
Caster 2: Counterspell the fireball (uses his reaction)
Caster 1: Counterspell the counterspell (uses his reaction)

Some GMs don't allow a caster to both cast a spell and a counterspell, but per RAW, it's legal. Besides, if the player really wants his character's spell to happen so that he's willing to burn an extra spell (the counterspell), that's okay IMO. The character will just run out of spells that much sooner.

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