WOIN Question on WOIN Psionics


Starting on page 65 there is a list of various skills and then exploits under each skill.
I want to make sure I am reading this right.
While you would use a skill to determine the outcome of an exploit (say Telepathy for Mind-Read) your character doesn't know how to do any of these until you learn the exploit. As you don't gain 90% of these during character creation you can only obtain these abilities, one at a time through experience correct?

I had a player suggest that if you had the skill and the pre-reqs (say the high enough PSI rating) you could do the various exploits. I find that to be potentially extremely powerful and ruled against it...but I am wondering if I was wrong.

Please clarify and thanks! :cool:

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Just a tourist passing your way...
Psionic exploits are just another group of universal exploits and may be learned like them - if the character meets its prerequisites.

A simple way to get them within character creation is taking them instead of career exploits - if you get skills high enough.

Most psionic careers contain their own psionic exploits - without skill req.
It's way easier to get them - and many are better than their "universal" counterparts.

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